8 Weeks Intensive Training

Ever wonder why some entrepreneurs consistently win online and off, why some always know exactly what to say and when and how to get attention… ever wonder why some always seem to have THE EDGE???

Well, then it is time to help you build yours – that path to stand out from the crowd, get attention and build the life and business you intended. Prepare to advance, close and capture attention from the masses.

This LIVE Training with Millionaire Maker, Elite Mentor & Business Strategist Danelle Delgado, will blow your mind and your results out of the water. It’s Time, so let us no waste anymore.

Breakthrough Strategies to Explode Your Online Presence – Dominate In Sales – Rapidly Expand Your Team – Get Results!

That’s right RESULTS and nothing less. These 8 weeks will deliver many of the secrets that helped Danelle go from broke and broken to business building genius living the dream, fast! Prepare for online powerhouse training that WILL FOREVER change your entire life when applied!

Week 1 – Building An Online Environment to Win – Social Media Secrets

Week 2 – Marketing On A Mission – How To Deliver Value That Captivates and Converts

Week 3 – Becoming Unignorable and Attracting Legends

Week 4 – Intensive Live Q & A

Week 5 – Building Sales Assassins – Conversations That Close

Week 6 – Clean Your Clock Level 2 – Time Management Mastery

Week 7 – Intensive Live Q & A

Week 8 – Building A Legacy Business – Intentional Innovation – Becoming Indispensable.


THE EDGE ELITE – Bonus Program

Go beyond The Edge with an in person live event at the end of the online program. Includes all of the above PLUS – 2.5 day intensive  Mastermind at Danelle’s estate in Colorado April 5-7th, 2019 including training, lunch and dinner sat/sunday. (limited seating for live event)

What a gift and blessing Danelle Delgado is. I can’t even put into words what a life changing experience LIVE with Danelle is. Because of her I can change so many lives.”Lyndsey Yocom, Entrepreneur

FIRST SECRET – Access To The Mastermind Alliance.

This 8 week course will give you an all access pass to mastermind with other focused entrepreneurs, other legends racing to their next ascent for collaboration, connection and community. The Mastermind Alliance has created some of the world’s highest achievers and biggest wins in the worlds history. Why? Because it works…Here are the top 3 assets to aligning with a team of like-minded, advancing entrepreneurs:

  • Belief Is Greater In Numbers: Borrow the belief of other high achievers, yours will be set on fire
  • Borrowing Brain Power Accelerates The Ascent: Borrow and use others’ education, experience, influence and resources to carry out one’s plans, most often creating more success in one year, than you could achieve alone in a lifetime.
  • Protection Against Failure: Failure, quitting or excuses are not allowed here. This team is solution-oriented and works to create ways, where there aren’t any. Let’s guarantee your win!


Training Investment



THE EDGE Paid in Full (One payment) $497

Payment Option: Two Payments of $300 (30 days apart).

THE EDGE ELITE: INCLUDES ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS… 3 Days April 5-7th LIVE at Danelle’s for an Intensive Weekend Retreat to brand and build your business to Elite Status. (all training, lunch/dinners included) (each will take care of their flight and local hotel)

THE EDGE ELITE Paid In Full (One Payment): $1497

Payment Option: Three Payments $550

We anxiously await serving completely those entrepreneurs ready to advance in business and get paid their true worth!

Meet Danelle

“Some people are lost in the fire, some people are built from it”. Arising from the fires of life, the now serial entrepreneur known as the “millionaire maker”, Danelle Delgado began her journey when faced with raising her three small children on her own. Forced to make a change she went from working three jobs, 80-90 hours a week and struggling to survive, to an award winning success in business by persisting her way in to align with some of the world’s most renowned business experts and gained them as her personal mentors.

After years of high-level learning with them, she has built some of the fastest growing million dollar training companies to date. She is a known online influencer and has made a massive impact around the globe from her international speaking career, best-selling book, “I Choose Joy” and her unmatched skills guiding entrepreneurs both online and off to scale their companies to a million and their lives to ultimate fulfillment.

From her renowned elite retreats and online training platforms to her wit and skill training from the stage, Danelle has become a household celebrity name training personal and business development like few ever will.

Although her work is her heartbeat, her dream is now a reality as she lives blessed beyond measure with her three kids in Colorado, teaching them to live the life they are capable of as well.

It’s Time To Become The One Your Results Require

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to get results that are un-ignorable in both life and business
  • You are ready to monetize the knowledge and hard work you have put in
  • You are ready to join the league of elites who see their investments pay big dividends
  • You are ready to leave your excuses and fears behind and level up to live the life you are capable of

This is also for you if you have ever struggled:

  • to build unshakable confidence
  • to know and find your ideal paying clients
  • to create a social media system and following that converts
  • with sales… language, strategy or consistent success
  • to close leads consistently
  • love your life and live it to the full


This Is Accelerated Training To Elevate Your Results!

Training Schedule

February 12th – April 2nd

The Facebook Community will open on Feb 10th

Training will commence every Tuesday evening at 7pmMT/9pmET

Each week we will do a live Webinar training plus Zoom, yes live and in person Q & A.

Interactions, communications and Q & A will all be done on Zoom and inside the Facebook group, all available for replay for the full 8 weeks.

Yes that’s right, LIVE access to Danelle and Katie for our greatest business building secrets and Q & A to implement them strategically for results. 

The Results Are In

I decided to ‘GO BIG’ with my company a year ago. After I started training with Danelle, I learned the organizational and leadership skills necessary, in fact critical to expand, and went from 30k a month to over 100K a month this year alone (and we’re not done yet)! I’m forever grateful, there is no better coach out there! I cannot even imagine where I would be if I hadn’t have raced to be a part of her training systems. Grateful beyond words for this life-altering training.

Michele Rutt

Electrical Contractor, CEO Leading Edge Electric

Words are difficult to express what Danelle, her online academy and Elite Retreat experience has done for me. When you said I could see massive results in 90 days or less I thought you were crazy. Sure enough you were right, from playing on social media to being known, shared and respected online… I have now grown to one of the top producers in my network marketing company, produced profitable online training systems and my income has tripled…LITERALLY. No Exaggeration. Fan and friend for life!

Mandy Maddon

Professional Networker - Online Coach

Danelle was my missing link, I have no doubt she is yours too. She showed me, a combat veteran, how to re-integrate into society after 5 years of struggle. She showed me how to independently double my income and set me on a trajectory to forever change my life and my results. Her online training and Retreat was the experience of a lifetime and an integral piece in my success journey. I left planned, purposed for massive results and impact and am honored to be living a life intended, accelerating at a whole new speed.

Trish Russell

Systems Strategist, Former Military Intelligence Officer

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