Reunion Retreat Greece (couple)




September 14-21, 2018 – Welcome to DD’s Reunion Retreat. 

Reunion Retreat – is open to any past elite retreaters who have been implementing, achieving and racing for the results they have always ached to live. You are proven, you are remarkable, you are are worthy of a celebratory and high achiever mastermind extravaganza.

You are personally invited to mastermind, with an exclusive group of high achievers in the beautiful Greek Isles!

Your pricing includes 6 nights, 7 days accommodations, food, excursion, mastermind time, and DD training and insights the entire week.

Thank you for being a valuable asset to DD and the world. We look so forward to serving you in Mykonos and beyond. Let’s take it up a notch.

Total Cost: $4500 per person, $9000 per couple

May pay in full upfront, or pay deposit now and remainder is due by July 1, 2018